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  Idea Factory

   Idea Factory was our project today. We had the day to develop ideas based on our research into a practitioner, a material, and a process. Our group was assigned with theme of feminism, clay as material, and the method of connect as the process. During the group discussion, we started searching for similarity between the concepts. 

    I thought about the shape of the sculpture. One research reference introduced by my group member that influenced me was the book cover of  "We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere", which is consisted with three circles that link each other. I find the strength and balance within the shape of circle relates to the inner strength of women. My first idea was to build a figure which is consisted of rings and emphasize on the idea of balance.

    Through today's thinking process, I develop the understanding that feminism is about breaking the stereotype and free women from limits set by the majority and society. 

    I plan to gain more knowledge about feminism on tomorrow's research in library.




Book Cover & 1st Draft



   Idea Factory presentation. 

   At the beginning of class, we are asked to rethink 12 solutions to our theme in a limited time. This process gave me many new thoughts. I think it is an useful method for generating ideas. At the presentation, I am inspired by other's sketchbook visualization on ideas in the ways they design layouts that help clarifying ideas. For the next project, I decide to include more research pages on sketchbook and my thought process.

  Overall, I learnt to follow a procedure for design through this project. The topics were unfamiliar; however, through researching and narrowing down my interests, I began to have ideas and was able to develop them gradually. It is important to not be frightened by unfamiliar topics; just like to untie a mess of strings, I can learn and recognize the key points on a topic, which will eventually lead me to a solution.








During library research, our group found these references:

  1. The Raw and the Cooked New Work In Clay In Britain, published by The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 1993
  2. Introducing Feminism, Susan Alice Watkins, Marisa Rueda and Marta Rodriguez, 1999, published by Icon Book Ltd.
  3. Tekens & Ketens (Signs & Chains ),Pappbilderbuch, 1993
  4. 500 Figures in Clay Volume 2, Nan Smith, Juror, published in 2014 by Lark


I tried to find ideas through drawing illustration on the topic of feminism today. 

The tenderness and softness of women body parts contrasts with the concrete blocks that surrounds it. The sense of modern created by the concrete blocks is ironic in that they still limits the movement of the legs; Similarly with the current society's mindset on viewing women.  




?? 3@3x.png      ?? 2@3x.png

?? 9@3x.png      ?? 4@3x.png

























IMG_0613.JPG.1     IMG_0608.JPG.1



      The sculpture, from an abstract perspective, contains curve and edgy shapes to make the point that both sensibility and logic are within each women. There should be no right and wrong and no definition for how women should behave, how they should dress.

      The inner circle structure resembles a burst of energy; which delivers the idea of feminism is growing from consciousness. Also, the way the legs are pushing the surrounding boundaries resembles the motivation for women to be free from limits by society.

      The sculpture tendency of rolling forward represents stepping forward, and a call for action.

      Aging Skin effect on some parts of legs demonstrate the connection between young and old women. The long fought feminism movement from older generation to younger generation create something similar within every one of them.



             ?? 8@3x.png




WEAR IT Project

JFFA pathway presentation

  • Balance
  • Weight
  • Distortion
  • Extension
  • Structure
  • Restriction
  • Suggesting Movement

Three Keywords:

  1. Suspend
  2. Support
  3. Surround

     Sketching 30 ideas in a short time was challenging to me. At first I only used wires to make a small model of my idea. After gaining more confidence on the structure, as suggested by our tutor, I used bamboo sticks and wires to built a triangular structure, which resembles to the main structure of the original plan.

      I find the mindset to create something around human body is interesting; however, I still think more 2-dimensionally while designing the jewelry. Also I realize that I enjoy the  process of designing more than actually making the object.

      To improve my final design, I want to add more small branches from the triangular shape, and eventually connect the details to demonstrate more clearly on my idea of a jewlery inspired by a balance scale; and the idea of balance and faith.  


FullSizeRender 2.jpg


         FullSizeRender 5.jpgFullSizeRender 6.jpg




           FullSizeRender 7.jpg


       IMG_0498.JPG IMG_0499.JPG


FullSizeRender 8.jpg 



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